Tuesday, March 31, 2009

they should serve this pizza @ CBP!

"philly Pizza" x-tra large from:

Pete's Pizza
2625 N. Market
Wilmington, DE

cheesesteak, Veleveeta sauce, mozz., cheddar, and American.
thanx James!

get your lunch-time wings!

you better believe it! a dozen rotisserie hot wings from:
Annie's Restaurant
11 Sanders Road Elsmere, DE
special thanx Danny!
these wings were serious flavor!, Super-Juicy!, crisp, and delicious.

not pictured:
chicken & dumplings,
also from Annie's, fantastic! exquisitely doughy and robust; w/ an out of control gravy that was both hearty and sweet!??!!

ps. James says their "Reuben" is tops; so good that he couldn't even photo it before Eatin' it, and he has an iPhone!

Murph actually walks off w/ a couple during the 1990 HR symposium.

Main Man 90 CHc v. Murph 90 PT

RBI Baseball 3!!!!!

Main Man 90 OK v, Murph 90 TO
Main Man 90 StL v. Murph 90 CL
Main Man 90 BO v. Danny 85 KC
Main Man 90 MN vs. Danny 90 HO

MC v. the Main Man

MC 90 TO v. Main Man 90 CHw
MC 90 SF v. Main Man 90 KC